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About ReadyForReach
ReadyforREACH was set up as a reaction to the obligations imposed by REACH on small and medium-sized business enterprises.
It is precisely for small and medium-sized enterprises involved in the chemical industry that REACH forms a risk. This website gives an insight into that risk.We are focused on a target group that existing advisory agencies are unable to support. But ReadyForReach also aims to defend the interests of the SME segment, which was not done sufficiently in the lobbying period prior to the introduction of REACH.

The initiator of ReadyforREACH is Dr. W. Dorrepaal, director of DBM Blending BV.
DBM Blending is involved in REACH at all levels: as a chemical formulator, a manufacturer of reaction products, an importer and a downstream user. As an ‘actor’ within REACH, DBM is therefore concerned with all of its facets. In the period prior to the introduction of REACH (ELINCS) too, DBM was already involved in registrations, and more recently it has been active in the formation of consortiums. Finally, DBM also receives approaches as an only importer.

ReadyforREACH does not only rely on wide practical experience within the SME segment, but also on extensive industrial, scientific, legal and other networks.

We are still seeking for our network worldwide.

van Bijsterveld ontwerp, De Lier