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A party having obligations as a consequence of REACH.
The ECHA (European Chemical Agency).
An object that during production is given a specific shape, surface or design, which determines its function.
Authorisation and Restriction
Legal limitations concerning the use of a substance.
A prohibition on bringing a substance onto the European market.
Substances that are concentrated on uptake within living organisms.
Exposure Scenario
The quantitative evaluation of the contact with a substance in an identified use.
Chemical Safety Assessment
The risk assessment of a substance in an IU, taking RMMs into account.
Chemical Safety Report
A report in accordance with Annex I of REACH in which the risks of a substance are documented.
CMR Substance
A substance that is carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic.
An interest group (lobby) with a common goal.
Data Sharing
The paid-for use of the dossier information of a registrant.
Derived No Effect Level (concentration under which no observable effects occur).
All information that is necessary in order to be able to evaluate the risks of a substance.
Downstream User (DU)
A user of chemical products, with the exception of consumers.
The European Chemicals Agency (based in Helsinki).
European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances.
European List of Notified Chemical Substances.
Assessment by the Agency of the dossier of a substance.
Formulation (Preparation)
A chemical product that is composed of multiple substances.
Free Riding
The use of dossier information without payment for data sharing.
Identified Use (IU)
Description of an accepted use of a substance by the lead registrant.
Lead Registrant
The manufacturer or importer selected by the SIEF who bears the obligation for registration.
Life Cycle of a Substance
All conditions for a substance, including its decay products, from manufacture to annihilation.
Only Importer
An intermediary selected for the registration by an exporter established outside the EU.
Conditions whereby multiple registrations take place for one substance.
PBT substance
A substance that is Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic.
Predicted No Effect Concentration (below which no observable effects occur).
Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships
A manufacturer or importer who wishes to register a substance.
The process prescribed by the ECHA for the admission of a substance to the European market.
Reach Implementation Project.
Risk Management Measure (RMM)
Prescriptions for the protection of humans and the environment in handling chemicals.
Roles Under REACH
Manufacturer / Importer / Distributor / Formulator / Downstream User.
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
The Material Safety Data Sheet.
Substance Information Exchange Forum, made up of registrants for the same substance.
An identified chemical compound.
Substance Information
The physicochemical, toxicity and ecotoxicity information on a substance.
vPvB Substance
A very persistent, very bioaccumulative substance.

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