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What does REACH involve?
REACH is a completely new European Community Regulation, which also replaces a great deal of existing legislation connected with the chemical industry. The legislation is explicitly concerned with the separate substances for which registration is compulsory. To prepare the complete registration dossier of a substance, the company carrying out the registration must provide extensive information on that substance, such as:
- Information on the substance (physical-chemical, toxicity and eco-toxicity)
- Exposure scenarios for each use
- Identified uses
- Literature studies
- All further information that could contribute to the risk assessment.

The registering party (the lead registrant) creates the dossier and draws up a safety data sheet (SDS), together with a description of the identified uses and their associated risk management measures. This material safety data sheet is communicated downstream to the downstream users (DUs), who are obliged at a minimum to implement the prescribed risk management measures.
The entire chemical industry is involved in this process for each substance. The DU must ensure that information on uses and exposure is provided to the registrant, and should follow up the identified uses assigned to him via the SDS. The registrant is expected to carry out a risk analysis, and prescribe the measures for the limitation of the risks.
Registration is an expensive process requiring qualified personnel.

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