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Every company will have to prepare in its own individual way, depending on the obligations that REACH entails..

The preparation is dependent on the deadlines, the roles of the company for each substance and the commercial interests in relation to the substances. Knowledge of the law and of the consequences that REACH brings form the basis of the preparations. And in view of the fact that the consequences can be far-reaching, it is the task of management to determine the strategy and ensure that it is implemented.
The preparation is not only an internal matter. REACH also requires that agreements be made with both suppliers (upstream) and customers (downstream).

The formation of consortia may also be necessary where shared interests are involved. To avoid time pressure, preparation well in advance is advisable.

Account should be taken of the fact that there will be total confusion in the whole chemical industry in 2009 and 2010 as around 2,000 to 3,000 substances with a volume of over 1,000 tons/year are registered. Almost everyone in the industry will be involved in this!

van Bijsterveld ontwerp, De Lier