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ReadyforREACH service
Companies can ensure compliance with their obligations themselves, provided that they possess the necessary expertise. Rising demand for qualified personnel, and an associated high risk of losing employees, must be taken into account.
External professional expertise can also be helpful in strategic decision-making and in providing a wider perspective.

ReadyforReach is primarily aimed at small and medium sized enterprises, and offers its services in the following areas:
- Devising a company strategy
- Inventory and data management of the substances that fall under REACH
- The obligations for each substance, together with their deadlines
- Risk analysis for the continuation and authorisation of substances as a consequence
- of REACH
- Analysis of the influence REACH can have on prices
- Only Importer service
- Advice on reformulations
- Consortium management in case of conflicting points of view with the authorities
van Bijsterveld ontwerp, De Lier